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Opening a Bank Account in France: How To Avoid Rejection

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Opening a bank account in France is essential for any expat. However, many face rejection. Our solution is guaranteed.

Expat Bank Account Hurdles

You’ve already got a bank account at home, perhaps some credit cards that work internationally, maybe even a substantial amount of savings stashed away.

While initially you may get by with a bank account from your home country, eventually you’ll need to put bills in your name, deposit your salary, sign up for healthcare, and access other special services that would require you to have a French account. And when the inevitable question arises, “Can I have your RIB?” — a request for your French bank details — you’ll be fully prepared.

However, opening a bank account in France can be a real obstacle for expats, due to:

  • Language Barriers

If your French is still a work in progress, it might be a challenge speaking with bankers to set up your account and even trying to translate online forms. Although France has many international banks, forms and websites are mostly only written in French, and rarely have the option for translation. 

  • Proof of Residence Predicaments

In order to show proof of residence in France, you need a housing contract in your name and utility bills in your name. But you can’t get a housing contract or utility bills in your name without a French bank account. It’s a frustrating catch-22 scenario.

  • Refusals

While it’s a legal requirement for banks to accommodate EU nationals in opening bank accounts, many bank branches refuse to take on non-EU customers. This is in part due to the foreign bank account laws that other countries have enacted, for example, the U.S.’s FACTA law.

Opening a bank account in France can be a real obstacle for expats.

Opening a bank account in France can be a real obstacle for expats.

Our French Bank Account Solution

We are proud to announce we’ve partnered with CCF Bank to make opening your French bank account incredibly easy. 

Our partnership guarantees a smooth process, taking the hassle out of setting up your account, and even offers the convenience of opening it before your arrival in France. CCF (Crédit Commercial de France) is a trusted 100 year old bank that recently returned to the market after acquiring high-street bank HSBC earlier this year. 

Our partnership with CCF Bank ensures your account setup in France goes seamlessly.

Our partnership with CCF Bank ensures your account setup in France goes seamlessly.

While online banks have grown in popularity recently, CCF, formerly HSBC, is known for its credibility and has more than 250 locations to welcome you in person. So, whether you are moving to a metropolitan city like Paris or settling into the countryside, CCF is committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to thrive in your new environment.

Known for their personalized customer service, they offer secure online banking both on their site and through their app, and direct access to your account manager via their messaging system. With flexible card management, you can easily adjust your card settings to fit your lifestyle. Last but not least, CCF streamlines document handling by automatically translating non-translated documents.

Don’t stress over the complexities of catch-22s or get lost in translations — entrust us with your banking needs, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Our partnership with CCF is one more way we ensure your move to France is hassle-free. 

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