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Living in France

You deserve to have the headache taken away from you.

The French administration is known for its lengthy and complicated procedures. Let us take care of all your administrative tasks, from start to finish.

What does the process look like?

  • 1.

    We check you’re eligible to apply

  • 2.

    We collect the needed documents and certificates

  • 3.

    We submit your application to the relevant authority

  • 4.

    We monitor your application and intervene if necessary

  • 5.

    We update you as soon as your application has been approved

services we can help with

Residency and Visa Application
Getting your visa request ready can be a hassle. We make it simple.
Social Security and Healthcare
A Social Security number, a Carte Vitale, and less paperwork for you.
Driver's Licence Exchange
Let us handle all the details of your licence exchange, from start to finish.
Nanny Hire and Child Benefits
Hire a nanny and get your child benefits with our bilingual help.
Setting Up a Business
We take care of all the paperwork so you can start running your business.
Housing Benefits
Don't let the Caf frustrate you. We ensure that you receive your housing benefits.
Unemployment Benefits
Focus on finding a new job while we take care of your unemployment benefits.
Departure Services
We make sure nothing gets left behind so you can concentrate on the future.
Any Other Expat Challenge
Having bureaucratic headaches is annoying. We handle them for you.

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