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Say goodbye to all expat life challenges in France

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Our relocation agency helps expats make the most of their move to France.
Relocation Packages
The perfect bundle of services to make your move as seamless as possible.
French Citizenship
Don't let the long list of documents frustrate you. We are here to help.
Residency and Visa Application
Getting your visa request ready can be a hassle. We make it simple.
Social Security and Healthcare
A Social Security number, a Carte Vitale, and less paperwork for you.
Driver's Licence Exchange
Let us handle all the details of your licence exchange, from start to finish.
Any Other Expat Challenge
Having bureaucratic headaches is annoying. We handle them for you.

We know France inside out.

We're a team of expats ourselves, so we know what you're going through. That’s why we can help you with all your needs, whether you're about to relocate, recently arrived or have been living here for years.

They trusted us, so can you

5.013 reviews
Michael Evgi
a year ago

Starting a new life in a different country is one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever experienced and the French bureaucracy doesn’t make it easier, to put it mildly (it’s a nightmare!). I can’t express enough how relieved I was to have had a professional like Yuval by my side. It’s not just the language advantage that he has, but also the fundamental understanding of how the system in France works. It is so rare to find such customer service in France. Highly recommended!

Justin Hamilton
a year ago

Yuval’s help and advice have been invaluable. He truly knows the secrets to unlocking the mysteries of French beuracracy and seems to magically solve problems. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Yaniv Gelnik
a year ago

Yuval has been very helpful at getting us organized here in France, from mobile phone plans to driving license to immigration stuff.

Very responsive and proactive. Total white glove service.

Dganit Elyakim
a year ago

Highly recommended, efficient and reliable. Mr. Bugajski guided and assisted me with all formalities to get a Carte Vitale: Whether it was filling forms on my behalf, sending them, taking care of all those follow-up calls to the different institutions – Yuval did it all with remarkable professionality.
Also, he guided me in choosing an insurance company and was available for all my questions and special needs.
As I work under tight deadlines, our appointments always took place where it was mostly comfortable for me.
He is kind, smart and helpful. It was a pleasure to work with him. Looking at my colleagues who tried to save a penny or two by doing it alone – eventually my procedure with Mr. Bugajski’s assistance was the fastest and the cheapest.

Paul Ginsberg
a year ago

Yuval is very knowledgeable and experienced, which is useful when dealing with administrative work in a foreign country and having a limited command of French. Kind, smart, and efficient service!

Leah Gruenpeter Gold
a year ago

Yuval Bugajski’s help in the French beaurocracy is a must.
I needed both carte vitale and a prolongation of my one year visa in France. I thought I could handle all by myself. No way. After being shamefully turned away by an Amelie employee I asked for Yuval’s help. Efficiently and with amazing professional skill in the French beaurocratic labyrinth, he managed to obtain the Carte Vitale, which is a must for the prolongation of the visa. His guidance is essential. Yuval joined me in all my meetings with the athorities and handled all the papers needed. Always punctual and very kind, explaining every move.Thank you Yuval for being there all the way. Hope, with your guidance, to continue and get the visa prolongation soon.

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